About Battle of the Books

The Battle of the Books is a book-based quiz competition for fourth and fifth graders in the Grand Traverse community. Kids read incredible stories together and then experience heart-pounding moments in competition.

The winning team is rewarded with the Championship VIP Prize!

Teams also have a chance to win prizes for sportsmanship, team spirit, most creative team name, and more.

Get the full details on the Battle of the Books program:

How It Works

Important Dates

Mock Battles February 20, 2021
Team Battle Day March 6, 2021
Championship & Finale March 14, 2021
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Why Participate?

Awesome Stories Everything from school troubles to survival adventures!
Free clothing item and cool book bag.
Good Books keep you warm on dark, snowy nights.
Be part of a Team and win Prizes!

Ben Hatke was featured author of 2019-2020

Author Ben Hatke was the featured author for the 2019-2020 battle season. Hatke is the author of the hugely popular Mighty Jack series and Zita the Spacegirl triology — graphic novels starring ordinary kids who face misadventures but always remain true to their family and friends. Hatke is known for his whimsical illustration style and imaginative story lines.

Registration is easy!

To register, all it takes is one parent coach, 3-6 students, and a creative name for your team.
Each team that registers receives:

  • One set of the books on the Battle of the Books reading list and book bag
  • Free clothing item
  • The chance to hear from this year’s Special Guest Author


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