Creating Your Board Game


Each team is invited to create a board game on one of the four battle books. Your team creates the game board, designs or provides game pieces, and makes the rules!

Board Game Essentials

1.One game board

2. Game pieces

3. Dice, spinner, and/or cards

4. Written rules of play

Game Board

Your game board should include the name of the game and your team name. The game board should have clearly-marked Start and Finish spots. The "game path" is up to you -- it can be a winding path like Candy Land or a square path like Monopoly. The game board itself should be flat and no larger than a single 30 x 40 foam poster board.

Game Pieces

Provide game pieces for at least six players. You may use game pieces from an existing game or create your own pieces.

Dice, Spinner, and/or Cards

In order to advance the players, you will need a dice, spinner, and/or cards. You may use regular dice, use a spinner from an existing game, or create your own.

Rules of Play

The rules of your board game should written clearly for anyone to follow. Rules can be provided on a separate sheet of paper.


While not required, you may wish to include question cards or action cards as part of your game. If you choose to use cards, it should be clear in the rules when a card is drawn (such as every turn or only when a player lands on a certain space).

The Fun Part!

Your board game can include characters, places, and plot twists from your book. Squares in the game might be places. Game pieces might be characters. A mix of good and bad events that befall the characters might be put on game spaces or included on cards. Cards might ask questions from the book where you move forward if you get it right or back if you don't. Your team is encouraged to illustrate the spaces or open areas of your game board to make it colorful and fun to view.

On Tournament Day

Your game will be shared and played by at least two other teams while your team gets a chance to play the games of other teams.