Teams of 4-6 fourth and fifth graders read from a list of four books chosen to appeal to a variety of interests and introduce young readers to a wide range of books. During battle season, readers meet with their teammates to discuss the books. Reading is a shared activity that culminates in the Faire (gathering of teams with book-related activities) and the Championship & All-Team Finale.

Faire Overview

Participants will:

  • Read from the selected book list & discuss the books at team meetings
  • Vie for awards for Most Creative Team Name, Best Coat of Arms, Most Spirited Team and Top Scoring Team in Knowledge Quest
  • Attend Team Faire Day and participate in 4 Quests:

Quest for Knowledge

Teams participate in a 30 question quiz based on the books

Teams have 20 seconds to confer as a group and come up with the answer and the author’s name that wrote the book

Team captain records the answer

Quest for Identity

Teams design a Coat of Arms to represent their team and their slogan

Coat of Arms should include team name and team slogan

Quest for Strategy

Teams bring a board game they have designed based on the books

Teams take turns sharing their games with other teams & playing each others games

Quest for Ingenuity

Top secret quest that will not be revealed until Team Faire

Teams will have a choice of options and must choose one they feel they can execute well while demonstrating their ingenuity

Ingenuity (def.): skill, cleverness, creativity, originality, inventiveness

Teams have 30 minutes to complete their quest and then will present it to fellow teams