Tournament Tips for Coaches

Before the Tournament

  • Arrive with your team a few minutes before 9 AM. Check-in to receive your specific Tournament schedule.
  • Take a moment to “huddle” with your team: calm nerves, take a few photos, and give a pre-battle pep talk.
  • Reassure your team and give last-minute reminders about rules and strategy.

During the Events

  • Take a seat in the competition rooms that is least distracting for your team. Tell them where you are planning to sit.
  • Model positive behavior during the events and keep a smile on your face.
  • Between events, take a moment with your team to diffuse any issues from the first event and focus on a clean slate for the next event. Doing poorly in one event does not mean your team is out of contention for other events or the overall spot.

After the Events

  • Head toward the auditorium. Your team does have a few minutes for bathroom stops and a quick refresh.
  • Gather your team together and take some time to recap the positive moments from the events and from your team's whole journey.
  • Provide each team member with their Superlative Award Certificate.
  • Finalize your plans for the finale: gather your team, review your questions for the author, and plan for parent/guardian pickup.